Sunday, September 29, 2013

English Speaking Tips

Speaking English does not mean to translate your native language into English Language because through this way we done lot of mistakes while speaking in English. When we are with our family or colleagues and try to discuss on some issues, it happens most of the time that we are unable to convey points properly to the listener. So it is important to make your mind before you speaking something in English. Don’t hesitate to speak English as this is not your mother tongue. English Language is easier than other Languages’ like French or Chinese.  The only way to improve your English speaking skills and fluency is to practice more and more.

There are so many sites promise you to Speak English in an hour, in 30 days etc.  There is no shortcut formula to become fluent in English Language. The reason is very simple; each individual has its own capability of learning any Language.  The natural ability of learning any other language is called Language aptitude. Having higher language aptitude makes it easy to learn any Foreign Language. If you have lower language aptitude, it becomes more difficult to learn any language. Don’t think so much about Language aptitude, whatever your language aptitude through practice you will gradually improve yourself.
English Speaking tips

There are lots of speaking tips for English Learning students. Through proper tips and guidance you can rapidly improve your skills. There are so many methods to improve your English speaking. You can improve Your English Speaking by Listening English broadcasting Radio Programs, watching English movies and English news channels. Make your habit to read all the books in English. To develop your interest towards reading English stuffs you need to select your books on favorite topics, magazine or novel books in English Language. Through reading you can only improve your reading skills but it is a good source of increasing English vocabulary which ultimately will be helpful during speaking. So it depends on hours you spend for reading English stuffs. During reading highlight the difficult words and search the meaning of those words in your native language dictionary and also use these vocabulary words during your English conversation in daily routine work.

Be confident and don’t feel shy to speak English in-front of any one. English is not your mother tongue so don’t hesitate to speak in English as mistakes are the part of your learning and through mistakes you will learn about your weakness and which make it easy to improve your Speaking skills. While you practice your speaking don’t try to speak fast, speak clearly and gently. While speaking use those words more frequently which are the part of your daily lives. These are the tips to improve English Speaking now you will learn the way to improve your English Grammar. For learning English grammar you need to read English Grammar books and to improve your grammatical skills you need to perform some grammar quizzes.
English Speaking tutorial

There are so many English grammar books are available, choose anyone which is suitable for learning grammar. Online English Grammar Quiz sites are the best source of learning and improving your grammatical skills. If you are frequent internet user and interested in chatting with your friends than you can improve and learn English through Skype. Attempt to use correct vocabulary words at correct place during speaking. Make an interactive speech during discussion with clear voice and use those words which are useful to improve your vocabulary. During speaking English use your facial expression to express your points and also shows action with your hands.