Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Improve your English Writing

Regarding the development of writing skills, the Greek philosopher Epictetus offered wise advice: “If you would be a reader, read; if a writer, write.” One of the best ways to develop your writing skills to their fullest potential is to write on a consistent basis —at least five days a week. Because it is almost impossible to guess which topics are going to appear on a writing test or assignment, the best way to prepare for writing challenges is to master the essentials of brainstorming, outlining, writing a lead sentence, and writing powerful concluding paragraphs.

The plain truth is that skillful writers do well on writing assignments and essay writing exams. If you wish to do well on writing exams, concentrate your energy on becoming a better writer by reading & writing consistently and asking for helpful feedback and pointers from teachers and professional writing tutors.
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To help you reach your writing goals, you should also concentrate three specific main forms of writing: persuasive, expository, and narrative writing. Learn and understand each form of writing for better result in English writing. 

Because it is impossible to predict the subject matter that will be presented on an essay-writing assignment or standardized examination, the key to success is to hone your critical thinking skills through consistent immersion in reading and writing activities. This article provides you complete writing help to excel on writing assignments. The different English essay writing models providing top-, middle-, and low-scoring writing examples will help you to grasp the key components of a successful essay. Carefully studying these writing models will help you become more proficient in identifying your own weaknesses and strengths.
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A scoring rubric for each specific type of essay is also mention in Essay scoring criteria of my article. After you complete each essay writing exercise, use the rubric to score your essay to see if you have scored the optimum score of 6. If you find that the majority of your content, development, organizing, and language scores are level 4 or lower, it is advisable that you rewrite your essay with the goal of improving on your areas of weakness.

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