Monday, February 7, 2011

Basics of Phonetics

Phonetic Definition

Phonetics is the study of speech sounds, and involves the creation and production of sound by the human voice. There are several elements that combine to produce speech sounds. These include articulators, or mouth movements. organs of speech, such as the respiratory system, assist in the production of speech and auditory phonetics. The human voice can create speech sounds of many, that vary by language. The English language has 13 vowels and 24 consonants, which vary depending on the dialect.The Phonetic dictionary can also be download over the internet.

Articulatory System

Articulatory system consist of mouth,nose, teeth,tongue,roof of the mouth and lips. These compositions work collectively to generate the phonetic. Air streaming through the nose and the tongue touching behind the front teeth, creates the sound of the alphabet "n" closed lips producing sounds like "p" by pushing air. Specific movements and placements of these components to create different sounds.

Respiratory System

Organs of speech also work in cooperation with the articulators to produce sounds. An example is the respiratory system or lungs, chest muscles and the trachea that works with the larynx. The larynx above the trachea has two vocal cords or ropes, which operate like lips. The air in the lungs, coordination with the muscles of the chest opens and closes the vocal cords vibrate, producing phonetic sounds. The respiratory system is complex, containing many structures that work in coordination to produce the phonetic.

Basics of Phonetics
Auditory System

The auditory system includes the perception or understanding of the phonetic sounds. As a baby begins to recognize sounds, she began to babble. Babies babble first vowel sounds like "a" or "e" As a mother repeats the child's sounds, phonetics grow and develop. In general, the production of intelligible speech begins between 18 and 48 months. As children develop speech sounds, they will string sounds into words and eventually spelling sentences.


If your child unable to produce phonetic sounds, or sounds that are meaningless or unaccented, this may show a speech impairment or delay.It is better to contact a health professional for testing.

Increase Your Vocabulary

A superb vocabulary is not something that can be easily reached. You must be patient, determined and always ready to learn and grow.Vocabulary is tested not only on the SAT, but in everyday life. People size each other professionals based on context and the words used in conversation. Vocabulary is certainly a direct correlation to the overall intelligence. Appropriate vocabulary allows you to express yourself in the most clear and concise.

Read as many books as possible in as many areas as diverse available that will increase your vocabulary. People now a days play most of their information from the Internet. This is a problem because the Internet writers learn to be short and sweet, with their equipment. Most articles on the Internet are extended abstracts of all piece.Books allow you to reflect on what the author really meant. The use of words deep and diverse allows you to paint a picture of what's happening in the chapter and what the characters are actually feeling and thinking.The more books you read, the better your vocabulary will become general . Anyway, reading is fun, so why do not you better while enjoying the new bestselling novel?

This is the best way to play words game in the newspaper, online or in books of puzzles. These games keep your speech clear and precise. Try a few puns on a beginner level. Do not let the difficulty of the puzzle you get off, because the game is very difficult at first.Anything that forces you to think about and articulate more descriptive word available for use is extremely helpful in building your vocabulary.
Increase your vocabulary
Read the New York Times every days. When I was in high school, my history teacher brought in an article in the class who cited research that was conducted that showed a direct correlation between students who read the paper, and high verbal scores Sat . The New York Times journalists who employs the most talented and creative in the world. They share information with journalists to the public in a way that puts the reader right in light of what actually happened, and the issues that are involved in what happened.

Write Stories With SAT Vocabulary

When you are learning a new vocabulary SAT, you can try to memorize lists of words or you can have fun with new words by writing stories. The advantage for learning new vocabulary in this way is that pleasurable you manipulate words in the context of dynamic environment. When we try to memorize definitions, in particular the definitions of vocabulary unfamiliar Sat, words are devoid of all human experience and we are forced to imagine how these words fit in real life. Develop a story you will SAT vocabulary in motion to make a lasting impression on your memory.

Write a story as soon as you learn new vocabulary. Writing even a simple story that puts your new words in context is a great way to remember the definitions. Your story should not be based on real life situations.Clarify each definition in your own mind before writing. The last thing you want to do is learn to use your vocabulary Sat evil. The first order of business is to look up the definitions in the dictionary that you can use the words correctly in your story.

Imagine the premise of your story while watching your vocabulary words and connect the dots. If your words are all to do with education, your story can follow the adventures of a classroom teacher distracted. A list of vocabulary words full of emotion can lead you naturally to a cop show or a visit to the psychologist. Place a list of your vocabulary words next to you while writing. Without a list, you can forget to include certain vocabulary words and that would defeat your purpose of learning all the words.
Add vocabulary naturally.The list of Sat Vocabulary 2011 is available over the internet. Do not set the order to use each vocabulary word before you write the story. Every glance at your list from time to time to remember the words. You can check and test each word in your list that you use in history.

Use the same vocabulary repeatedly. Analyzing latest vocabularies is very essential if you truly want to memorize the words you have learned.Play quiz and practice your vocabulary. The stories that you can easily create and repeat every Sat naturally your vocabulary at least twice. If you feel you need more practice on the same words, you can write a different story using the same vocabulary. This reinforcement strengthens your ability to remember the words because you have more experience using them in context.