Monday, February 7, 2011

Write Stories With SAT Vocabulary

When you are learning a new vocabulary SAT, you can try to memorize lists of words or you can have fun with new words by writing stories. The advantage for learning new vocabulary in this way is that pleasurable you manipulate words in the context of dynamic environment. When we try to memorize definitions, in particular the definitions of vocabulary unfamiliar Sat, words are devoid of all human experience and we are forced to imagine how these words fit in real life. Develop a story you will SAT vocabulary in motion to make a lasting impression on your memory.

Write a story as soon as you learn new vocabulary. Writing even a simple story that puts your new words in context is a great way to remember the definitions. Your story should not be based on real life situations.Clarify each definition in your own mind before writing. The last thing you want to do is learn to use your vocabulary Sat evil. The first order of business is to look up the definitions in the dictionary that you can use the words correctly in your story.

Imagine the premise of your story while watching your vocabulary words and connect the dots. If your words are all to do with education, your story can follow the adventures of a classroom teacher distracted. A list of vocabulary words full of emotion can lead you naturally to a cop show or a visit to the psychologist. Place a list of your vocabulary words next to you while writing. Without a list, you can forget to include certain vocabulary words and that would defeat your purpose of learning all the words.
Add vocabulary naturally.The list of Sat Vocabulary 2011 is available over the internet. Do not set the order to use each vocabulary word before you write the story. Every glance at your list from time to time to remember the words. You can check and test each word in your list that you use in history.

Use the same vocabulary repeatedly. Analyzing latest vocabularies is very essential if you truly want to memorize the words you have learned.Play quiz and practice your vocabulary. The stories that you can easily create and repeat every Sat naturally your vocabulary at least twice. If you feel you need more practice on the same words, you can write a different story using the same vocabulary. This reinforcement strengthens your ability to remember the words because you have more experience using them in context.

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