Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Easy English Vocabulary ESL

Easy English Vocabulary ESL improve your English Vocabulary  with hundreds of essential words and Phrases is master all of the words and phrases you need to know to get by in everyday English conversation.
Learn on the go with this audio only course.No reading or writing necessary.
easy english vocabulary
Easy English Vocabulary includes:
  • Eleven lessons on two CDs
  • Useful topics like Computers and the Shopping and Money, and Law and Government
  • Realistic conversations, easy definitions, and lots of examples
  • Three bonus audio lessons online
  • Online glossary with all of the words and definitions
Easy English Vocabulary is a basic/intermediate ESL program for speakers of any language.

Focus On Vocabulary Mastering The Academic Word List

Focus on vocabulary Mastering the academic world list by Diane Schmitt and Norbert Schmitt gives high-intermediate to advanced / gymnasium students the vocabulary skills they need to succeed in academic environments. Through excerpts from college texts and well-crafted exercises, English learners study the Academic Word List -- the most frequently used words in academic texts. Each chapter provides a series of exercises on word meaning and word families. In addition, collocations exercises develop students' ability to form natural partnerships between the target vocabulary and other words.
Level: Gymnasium students planning a course of English-language higher education
  • 24 words in each chapter are featured first in an authentic academic text, then in exercises to reinforce meaning, usage and collocations.
  • Seven units focus on areas, such as social change, consumer behavior, natural resources, and music.
  • Each chapter recycles the target vocabulary four times in reading passages and exercises.
  • Collocation exercises train how academic words are used in real contexts.
  • Strategy Practice chapters offer tips for  dictionary usage and methods for expanding word knowledge.
  • Expansion sections provide additional reading, discussion, and writing activities.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oxford New English File Series

Oxford New English File Series (Complete) is a Interactive tutorial including Audio Books.The English File series is one of the best available and the new Elementary level is and improvement over the original. The student’s book is well laid out, well illustrated and has vocabulary and grammar sections.

100% new lessons that work, that are fun, and get the students talking. An expanded Vocabulary Bank. Includes AUDIO FILES, E-BOOKS, EXERCISES and CD ROM.
oxford new English file series
It takes learners from the verb to be to the present perfect. Perhaps the book tries to cover too much too quickly; the past simple is reached very quickly and slower students would benefit from additional exercises using the present simple. The teacher’s book has also been improved and the workbook includes a useful CD ROM.

A new Grammar Bank section with rules and exercises. Practical English lessons, a focus on functional language supported by the New English File Study Link Videos.

The same unequaled level of teacher support. More photo copyable materials for teachers, with an extra grammar and communicative activity for every lesson.

The are 4 Levels:
  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-Intermediate

How to Write Effective Business English-Essential toolkit for composing powerful letters

How to Write Effective Business English: Essential Toolkit for composing powerful letter in English, teaches the non-native reader how to create clear, concise messages and avoid verbosity. Assuming an intermediate knowledge of English, this book provides guidelines for further development, deals with real life scenarios and gives readers answers that even their bosses might not know.
how to write effective business English
Focusing on emails, letters, resumes or job applications, it gives reader an easy system for writing clearly, quickly and easily. It will also appeal to native English speakers who feel that their written business English needs practice.

Oxford Business English Dictionary For Learners Of English

Oxford Business English Dictionary for learners of English is a new up-to-date Business English dictionary, that gives learners all the help and information they need to do business in English.A dictionary designed for learners who need to understand, speak, read and write English for business.Key features of Oxford English Dictionary: Vocabulary from the main areas of business, including: accounting,banking, computing, finance, import and export, international trade,law, management, sales, shipping and the stock exchange. Clear explanations of over 4,000 business words and phrases that are easy to understand but contain enough detail to make them useful for both students of business and experienced business people.
oxford English dictionary download
Specially designed for quick and easy access. On the left-hand side of every page there are definitions and examples of words or phrases; on the right there is a separate language information column containing abbreviations, pronunciation, collocations (words commonly used with the headword), American variants, and notes on grammar and usage. Over5,000 authentic examples, invaluable in helping learners with the English needed in real business situations. Many are based on the British National Corpus.Comprehensive cross-reference system leading learners to information about related words and helping with vocabulary building.

The Online English Grammar

The Online English Grammar by Anthony Huges is a full PDF version of the Online English Grammar which has a number of advantages over the version that you can find online online for public viewing:
online English grammar help
  • It covers more grammar topics than the online online version
  • You can view it on your desktop as an easy reference guide
  • It is easy to print out pages from this version using any standard Printer
  • You can access regular updates to the Online English Grammar now that you have purchased this copy. All that is required is that you supply your username and password to begin the download. You will receive regular emails when new updates are available. The update subscription is valid for one year from the date you purchased the item from us.

Learning With English Connection

Learning with English Connection is a software that teaches you English by listening and watching. The Connections series is a world leader for English and foreign language learning in both the business and education markets.
learning with English connection
All of the courses cover a wide range of topics providing comprehensive training in the language of business and travel. The language is presented using extensive video footage and sound files, then practiced and tested using a variety of role of role-plays and exercises. This product is highly versatile and is suitable for use as a quick revision aid, for topic-based learning, or as a complete self-study course.Learning with English Connection torrent is also available on internet.

Each course is built in the following steps:
  • Rapid English
  • Grammar
  • How to say and speak (giving advice, order, opinion…)
  • Role Play (Practice)
  • and Comprehension
The CD Number 9 is the famous software “ PRONUNCIATION POWER” I have found it in the same collection.

Focus On Grammar 5 Advanced 3rd Edition

Focus on Grammar 5 advanced 3rd edition, an integrated skills approach includes Book , 2 Supplements, 4 CDs material.It contain Known for its focus on English grammar through contextualized listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities, this lively integrated skills course helps students bridge the gap between comprehending grammatical structures and actually using them.
focus on grammar advanced
Each unit progresses through four steps: Grammar in Context, Grammar Presentation, Focused Practice, and Communication Practice, using a new color-coded format that makes the program easy for students to understand and for teachers to implement.

Academic Writing Course

Academic Writing Course,In the future you must give your students more specific study preparatory skills, not least the ability to acquire material in English in various disciplines: This book deals with all aspects of academic writing, through advice and exercises based on a wide range of material.
academic writing course
Easy to select what you need. Chapters such as: Structure and Cohesion; Narrative; Definitions; Comparison and Contrast, generalization, Qualification and Caution; Interpretation of Data; Discussion; Academic Style. Appendices (eg Basic Framework for a Research Report). Key to Exercises.