Saturday, November 13, 2010


The TOEIC is the test of English for International Communication.It is a very common test among professionals and people in the business world.The test measures the ability of a non-native English speaking person related to everyday workplace conversations and situations.The test helps recruitment / HR department to quickly and efficiently find elite candidates who meet language requirements and helps other employees to establish a good foundation for follow-up training. TOEIC scores are used by 10,000 companies,Government Agencies , and English language programs in 120 Countries.
The TOEIC is a useful tool given to managers around the world to test workers on their abilities in the correct use of the English language.It give job seekers and Employees a competitive edge. The test enables universities to better prepare students for the International Workplace.

The TOEIC is a multiple-choice test consists of 200 questions simulate real life situations, organized in two sections: listening and reading.It is the standard place at the workplace and if you plan to work for any important company you will probably have to take this test.The test score report provide accurate,meaning full feedback about test takers strength and weakness along with the description of the English Language Strengths typical of test takers performing at various score level.

The most important thing to do in order to have good results is to practice practice a lot.In this post we would like to share an online sample Listening and Reading test of the TOEIC test. It is a great way to practice and to evaluate yourself.

TOEIC SAMPLE Listening and Reading Test Paper


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