Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oxford Guide To Style

Oxford Guide to style is a completely rewritten edition of Hart's Rules for Compositors and Readers, which is currently in its revised thirty-ninth edition.The Oxford Guide to Style has been expanded to encompass modern issues in preparing copy for publication. Hart's Rules is a classic text in printing and publishing houses, and this successor to it is also sure to become a classic. The book consists of 16 topic-based chapters giving advice on how to present the written word. It incorporates the most recent changes in citing electronic media, and details on submission of materials for publication electronically. The text is full of  examples,explanations, and lists on, for example, abbreviations,capitalization and mathematical symbols, and there is exhaustive information for editors on foreign languages and how to demonstrate them on the page. There is also tips on how to use quotations, references and notes, specialist subjects, and indexing.
Oxford guide to style

As well as giving suggestion on the traditional skills needed in the preparation of copy and proofs, there is further information for editors on issues such as copyright laws and legal references. This really is the ultimate guide for all printers magazine,book, and Internet publishers on the preparation and presentation of the written word.

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